Monday, September 29, 2008


Training the secret to success, while many will say that only the Netherlands have the "Pukulan Serak" that is totally nonesense.
The main senior Guru in the late fifties, John de Vries, gave some thought for us in leaving Holland. Teache and spread, to give honor to the Founder. Bapak Serak(R)
In the late sixties, a great man, and certainly not to take his name or missuse. As many have, and that is really ashame. The man was ahead of his time, and if it was not for his outward hard work in movies and a TV show called the Green Hornet, martial arts as we know it as of today may never have been or is, as we see that as of today. None other than Sifu Bruce. Yes we do have notes from him. A student from my Uncle Ernes de Vries thaught two people the system of Serak, and one of the two was Sifu Bruce.
My longtime friend Guro Dan Inosanto who had trained at the VDT academy form many of years, a flavor of a few intriquite Sambuts of techniques placed. We will update more soon.